Title Date Download/Link
Public information publication for purchasing land with mutual consent 24/05/2019 Download(815 KB)
Alternate File : Download(815 KB)
Social Assessment Report and Recommendation of expert group for the land of Dhanpuri reservoir scheme’ 19/04/2018 Download(521 KB)
Alternate File : Download(521 KB)
General information regarding project of Power Grid of India Limited 13/02/2015 Download(261 KB)
District Survey Report (Mineral Resources Division) 10/02/2017 Download(3 MB)
For the construction work of road overbridge at Anuppur Yard at Gate-B-K-61 in Katni, Bilaspur, in Anuppur city. 25/10/2017 Download(713 KB)
Proposed R.O.B. Social Assessment Report of the land to be acquired in relation to construction; Recommendations of the Social Combat Management Plan Expert Group. 29/12/2017 Download(2 MB)
Local Holiday 23/12/2017 Download(265 KB)
District Indicator 07/03/2018 Download(546 KB)