Police Station

Anuppur District having 11 nos of police station. List of those police station along with their contact number is as :

Police Station
Police Station Name Contact Number
Police Station Kotwali Anuppur 07659-222028
Police Station Chachi 07659-263225
Police Station Jaithari 07659-262330
Police Station Kotma 07658-233227
Police Station Bhalumada 07658-265422
Police Station Bijuri 07658-264222
Police Station Ramnagar 07658-267522
Police Station Rajendragram 07629-268622
Police Station Amarkantak 07629-269440
Police Station Karanpathar No Telephone
Police Station Tribal Welfare 07659-222944

Other than above police station , there are several police office situated in district anuppur.

Police Offices
Police Office Name Contact Number
S.P. Office Anuppur 07659-222001(o)/ 222111
Add. S.P. Office Anuppur 07659-222919(o)/ 222019
S.D.O.(P) Office Anuppur 07659-222807
S.D.O.(P) Office Kotma 07658-233626
S.D.O.(P) Office Pusprajgarh 07629-268020
Police Line Anuppur 07659-222995
I/C Traffic 07659-222895
Tourism Out Post Amarkantak 07629-269845
I/C DSB 07659-222920
I/C Control Room 07659-222534/222533