Shree Yantra Temple

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The most prominent feature of this temple is the huge sculpture with 4 heads at the entrance. The heads represent the faces of Goddess Laxmi, Saraswati, Kali&Bhuvaneshwari. Beneath them are finely sculpted figures of 64 yoginis along with the sculptures of Lord Ganesha&Kartik. The temple itself is built as a 3D projection of the Sri Yantra / Sri Chakra which forms the core of the Sri Vidya worship in Hinduism. This branch worships the divine power of the Goddess Tripura Sundari or the Empress beauty of the Three Worlds. In essence it is the geometric representation of the concept of Shakti.

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  • Shree Yantra temple
  • Shree Yantra temple
  • Shree Yantra temple

How to Reach:

By Air

The nearest airport is Dumna Jabalpur (Jabalpur Airport) in the city of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh (240 km) which has daily flight service to Delhi and Mumbai. One can easily get taxi from Jabalpur to Amarkantak.

By Train

The nearest railway stations are Pendra Road (Chhattisgarh) and Anuppur 43 km and 75 km. One can easily get taxi from Pendra Road (Chhattisgarh) and Anuppur.

By Road

Amarkantak is very well connected by roads.